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About STEM Middle School

The National Inventors Hall of Fame STEM Middle School is the result of an innovative partnership between:
  • Akron Public Schools
  • the City of Akron
  • the National Inventors Hall of Fame® Foundation
  • The University of Akron
  • Akron Tomorrow
  • the Greater Akron Chamber

It is a future that leaves 20th-century education practices behind. It is a time when students must be free to think, create, communicate and innovate in a rapidly changing world. It is a place that opens its doors to a new generation of teaching, learning and problem solving.

The time is now; and the place is a science, technology, engineering and math middle school operated by Akron Public Schools and located inside the National Inventors Hall of Fame®. The program will be strengthened by the expertise of The University of Akron along with the support and collaboration of the City of Akron.

With a golden opportunity to reshape teaching and learning, educators and facility planners envisioned a center that could prepare children for the rapidly changing, technology-driven future ahead of them. Without doubt, tomorrow’s jobs will require strong skills in science, mathematics and technology; and tomorrow’s workers must be able to think, create, innovate, problem solve and collaborate in a global economy.

With an eye to the future and a desire to capitalize on Akron’s rich foundation in the sciences, an exciting, collaborative idea is unfolding among six exceptional institutions – Akron Public Schools, City of Akron, The University of Akron, National Inventors Hall of Fame® Foundation, Greater Akron Chamber and Akron Tomorrow.

Together, the city schools, the city government, a museum, a university, the city chamber and local businesses are forging a unique and exciting partnership. A new science, technology, engineering and mathematics school for middle school students opened in 2009 in a temporary location. Beginning in 2010, the school was located at its new site, 199 S. Broadway, Akron – the former site of the National Inventors Hall of Fame Foundation.

The STEM school experience is much like starting a first job. The student must bring to the situation his/her own strengths and talents and put them to use. Likewise, the students must be prepared to improve upon weaknesses and truly apply themselves. The National Inventors Hall of Fame® School ... Center for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Learning is designed to let students work collectively with inventors, STEM-related businesses and organizations, and faculty and students from The University of Akron. The school will allow students to take intellectual risks and prepare them to become inventive, creative problem solvers.

Students work collectively with inventors, STEM-related businesses and organizations, and faculty and students from The University of Akron, with a focus on science, technology, engineering and math.

The facility includes multi-use spaces and numerous features, including:

  • group and individual learning space
  • parent, teacher and community education space
  • designed for air quality, acoustics and ideal lighting
  • accessibility for children, family members and individuals with physical challenges.

The building was fully renovated to include sustainable, LEED design features, including state-of-the-art, efficient water, air, heating and materials designs.

STEM Middle School Beliefs:

  • We believe all students CAN learn. 

  • We believe all students WILL learn.

  • We believe in lifelong learning and that family, community, and school partners together contribute to the learning experiences of the student. 

  • We believe that effective schools have systems in place to sustain the vision, mission, beliefs and values. 

  • We believe that ongoing, sustained professional development for all members of the school community is critical to the success of the school.

STEM Middle School Vision:

To provide the highest quality education experience for students (learners) that ensures creativity and inventive thinking through a focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

STEM Middle School Mission:

To nurture a community of empowered learners who will succeed in a global society. 

STEM Middle School Goals:

  • Create a world-class school
  • Acquire 21st-century knowledge and skills
  • Increase science, mathematics and technology student achievement
  • Inspire creative and inventive thinking
  • Strengthen and enhance the delivery of science, mathematics, engineering and technology education
  • Develop innovative teaching and learning techniques that challenge the students and make use of each partner's expertise
  • Create a new educational program that no single entity could achieve
  • Expand learning for students and adults beyond the school day
STEM Middle School

History of STEM Middle School

Since 2010, the NIHF STEM Middle School has been located at 199 S. Broadway, Akron, the former site of the National Inventors Hall of Fame Foundation. Akron, Ohio, has a long history of innovation in industry, government, science and education. A new chapter in the city's exciting story began in 2003. The state offered Akron Public Schools 59% of the total cost to rebuild its schools, if a local match could be found. Akron's mayor moved quickly to help the schools by putting a small income tax on the ballot. The city and the school officials promised voters that the new buildings would become more than schools. These new buildings would become innovative Community Learning Centers – a school by day and a community center for learning at night and on weekends. Overwhelmingly, the community agreed and building began.