Classroom Learning at Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens

Classroom Learning at Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens
Posted on 12/19/2019

Stan Hywet has many stories to tell us about our past and present. Our learners learned about migration through a collaboration with the education department at Stan Hywet. Please enjoy this experience through the eyes of a fifth-grader.

By Da’Maurie

In our Stan Hywet classroom, they had us use 5 primary sources to investigate a person. They wanted us to find his/her name,  if they were a migrant, immigrant, or a refugee, where he/she were from, why they decided to leave home as in their push factor, and why they decided to come to Akron as in their pull factor, and lastly, they wanted us to find 1 or 2 jobs he/she had before coming to Akron and 1 or 2 jobs they had in Akron. The second thing they had us do was investigate a modern family using primary sources but on an iPad. They wanted us to find out where the modern family was from, how they were similar or different from the historic family, and why they might have decided to leave their home country. 

Next, our group went to the Stan Hywet house. We went to the kitchen and the chef passed around kitchen tools that were really cool and a counter that heated food. We visited rooms with Christmas decorations from the past. We also went to the laundry room in the basement and got to try out some of the items they used. We cut soap, held the irons, and clipped the sheets on the line. The field trip to Stan Hywet was very fun and exciting! 

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