Learners Review the Steel Drum Band Concert

Children's Concert Society Presents "Meet the Steel Band" at The Akron Civic Theatre
Posted on 10/15/2021


  On Thursday, 10/14/2021, the sixth graders at NIHF Stem Middle School went to the Akron Civic Theatre to see the Steel Drum Band from the University of Akron. Musicians and  conductors, Dr. Len, Liam League, Dr. Clifford Alexis, Matt Dudack as well as members of the ensemble Steel Band performed for the community. The music was upbeat or something you would hear on vacation or on a movie. They had drums and bowls with dents that made a sound, and also sticks that made music and glass jars that sounded beautiful. This type of music was Tamboo Bamboo. Overall it was really fun and made a good field trip. I recommend attending the concert.


     On 10/14/2021, middle school students attended a steel drum concert at the Akron Civic Theatre. The following musicians (Dr. Larry Snider, Matt Dudack, and Liam Teague, ensemble: Steel Drum Band) played a few upbeat and tropical-sounding songs for us. The songs played were: O-o-h Child by Matt Dudack, Tamboo-Bamboo by Matt Dudack, Summertime by Dr. Clifford Alexis, Song to the Chricahua by Dr. Clifford Alexis, Squirrels by Liam Teague, Conscious Chutney by Liam Teague, and Birthday Party by Dr. Len Sharpe. By the end of the show, the audience was very excited and were clapping. I enjoyed watching the concert. To me, this concert stood out because of their instruments, which were steel drums. The overall concert experience was very good and well done. I had fun and I recommend that others should attend this concert. 


         On 10/14/2021, a couple different Schools including NIHF Stem Middle School, went to the Akron Civic Theatre to see the Steel Drum Band. They played songs, like Tamboo-Bamboo, and Squirrels, the conductors of those sounds were Matt Dudack, and Liam Teague. At the end of each song the crowd, “the teachers and students” clapped and cheered. I would recommend going to the steel drum band. It was a blast. We had so much fun it made a good field trip. The steel drum was created in Trinidad which is probably why it had such a tropical sound. 


On 10/14/21, at the Akron Civic Theater, the Steel Drum Band performed a concert for Akron public school middle schools. The steel band was conducted by Dr.Larry Snider. They had a Guest named Liam Teague who is from Trinidad and Tobago. The Steel Band plays the steel drums. The area was very nice and welcoming and the lights in the ceiling made it really feel like it’s night. The music was very calming. The songs they played were O-o-h Child, Tamboo-Bamboo Summertime, Song to the Chiricahua, Squirrels, Conscious Chutney and Birthday Party. I enjoyed the experience not just me but I could tell the crowd was enjoying it too, because they were clapping to the beat of the music. From ceiling lights to statues to the night sky I would recommend this to anyone if I could rate this experience from 1-10 I would say a 12/10.

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